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ooooh, btw, story summaries are up at marvel bang and claims will open at noon est! :D this is very exciting!

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resplendeo ASKED: 11:37 pm, friday - no porn on dash. Have I managed to accidentally unfollow you? No... Are you okay? Has something physically prevented you from posting porn? (seriously: are you okay?)

Ughhhh I’m sorry. :(

Mostly I’m just working a truckton these days (which, btw, still doesn’t pay our bills, MURRICA!), in addition to that I also do the Etsy stuff, and then try to be a mom in the 1-3 hrs/day I see Spawn, plus I’m trying to finish my Marvel Bangs (I had to get an extension on one of them, boo!).

Yesterday I was actually scheduled for a daytime shift so I was home in time to put Spawn to bed, and I fell asleep on the floor in his room. (A+ uncomfortable btw would not recommend.)

I’m setting a fucking porn alarm for next week!

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question to non french people :

when Peter Quill gives the finger was it censored with the blurring square thingy like we see in the american trailer or did you actually see the finger ?

Trailers have their own rating system. The GotG trailer was approved for all audiences:

Whereas the movie itself was rated PG-13. So the finger was censored in the trailer, but as far as I know, visible in the actual movie everywhere.

Fwiw I saw it in America, and I think it was a funnier gag when the finger was censored, but that could be just me. XD

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clint barton: confused by shoe

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Steve’s leftboob grabbing problem 2

d-o-r-ia-n !!!!!!



Steve’s leftboob grabbing problem 2

d-o-r-ia-n !!!!!!

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flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

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No, but -

Nick Fury adopting black cats that are going to be destroyed.

It started with one (“I do not fucking have time for this shit, I am a motherfucking spy”) but now he has, like, five.

You never see more than one in the same place at the same time. Phil thought he just had one cat for six years

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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. MEME: four relationships [2/4]
     ↳ SkyeSimmons

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Anonymous ASKED: hello. your stuff is awesome! do you do other comics, besides hawkeye? im looking into a present for my room mate :)

I definitely can! Feel free to send me a message on Etsy about what characters/comics you’d like, what you’d like, and I’ll work with you! :) Right now I’ve got several custom orders in the works, so the wait is currently at about 2-4 weeks, depending on what you want, though.